If you prefer to experience festivals the original way, then we have a large, secure field for those bringing their own tents.


With friends, family or just your partner, enjoying camping has got to be one of the most unique experiences for the British summertime.


  • No vehicles will be allowed on this site

  • The site isn't anything like Glastonbury, it is only a short walk from the car park and the main festival field.

  • Toilets will be available.​

  • We don't have specific pitch sizes, please be conscious of your neighbours when setting up. As is the way at all festivals you should expect to camp close to your neighbours - you're almost certain to get on.  

You can upgrade to Glamping or even bring your own vehicle (Campervan, motorhome or caravan).

1. Buy a Larger Tent Than you Think You’ll Need

If there are two of you don’t choose a two man tent. A two man tent is perfect for one person but once you are both inside there will be little room for you to both lie down. Always choose a tent that is one person bigger than the number of people using it.

2. Have a Practice Pitch of Your Tent

If you’ve never pitched a tent or have bought a new tent you haven’t pitched before, it’s a good idea to try pitching and packing up the tent before you go. Alternatively, take a pop up tent that requires very little  work to put up.


3. Check the Rules

Check the campsite rules before you go. Many festivals will have a list of items you’re not allowed to bring onto the site, so check beforehand to ensure everything in your festival survival kit is allowed.


4. Take a Sleeping Mat to Stay Comfortable

If you plan on getting any sleep, a sleeping mat should be part of your festival survival kit. Camping mats are lightweight, easy to carry and will greatly improve your comfort. Sleeping on the ground will guarantee a cold and uncomfortable night sleep. A self inflating mat is still relatively lightweight but will add extra comfort over a standard camping mat. If you are still craving home comforts, an air bed may be for you.

5. Arrive at the Campsite Early

Arriving at the campsite early will ensure you can get a good spot to pitch your tent. If you arrive late not only will you have to park further away, it’s also likely you’ll need to squeeze your tent into any remaining space. 

The camp site opens at 10:00am on Friday 12 August. This gives you 2 hours until the main festival site opens. Plenty of time to inflate the airbeds and hang the bunting.

6. Clear The Ground Before Pitching Your Tent

Once you have picked your spot, make sure you clear the area of sharp objects and stones. Not only will these damage your tent they will be uncomfortable to sleep on.


7. Think About Space

When pitching your tent think about where other people would be able to squeeze their tent, as people will pitch their tent anywhere as space becomes scarce. Pitch your tents close enough together to avoid anyone else placing a tent in between, whilst remembering to leave space for the guy lines. If there are 3 or 4 tents in your group form a circle, with the doors facing inwards.


8. Mark Your Territory

Remember that once everyone has arrived, there will be hundreds of tents covering the field. Once it gets dark it can be difficult to find which tent is yours so mark yours with a colourful flag or similar to distinguish it. 

9. Keep Valuables Safe

Keep all valuables such as phones, ID and money on you at all times. A money belt or bum bag is a great way to keep all your valuables safe and close to hand.

10. Take your tent with you after the festival

Most right-minded people naturally pack their tent up after the festival and take it with them, whether they’re going to keep it for next year or dispose of it when they get home. However, many people just leave their tent there at the campsite or, even worse, burn it.

This is massively disrespectful to those who have to clear the place up afterwards, and is a waste of a perfectly good tent. Either take your tent with you or check whether there are any tent recycling schemes you could leave your tent with.

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