Working alongside See Tickets we have arranged to offer instalment plans for our 2020 festival.

Any tickets (or combination therefof) over £50.00 will be available using this plan. It allows you to senure your tickets and then pay it in 4 instalments.

On booking you pay the first payment (1/4), then on 1st of April, May and June you pay the remaining instalments at 1/4 each.

For example:

Ticket A is £100

You wish to buy 6 of ticket A = £600

On booking £150

1st April £150

1st May £150

1st June £150

Total £600

You can add extra single tickets on top, but these would need to be paid for in with the first instalment.


  • All ticket costs are plus See Tickets standard fees

  • If you fail to make an instalment your order will be cancelled.

  • No refunds will be given for missed instalment payments.

Statfold Barn Festival 2020