It is understood that in confirming as a vendor at the Statfold Barn Festival that the festival rules and conditions will be adhered to. 

Street Food Vendors: Please download and use the CIEH National Guidance for Outdoor and Mobile Catering checklist

  • Each vendor will get three (3) weekend tickets included (additional tickets are available at a discounted rate)

  • Each vendor will get one (1) free parking space for a car in addition to any vehicle used for the selling of food items

  • Vendors are not permitted to sell any beverages (including water and alcohol)

  • Vendors are to meet fire, health and any other local authority requirements

  • Vendors are liable for their own public liability insurance

  • The event organisers will vet applications to ensure a reasonable standard of quality and to avoid duplication of any one kind of product. When booking please describe the food that you will be selling, these will be the only products you will be permitted to display.

  • Any stallholder displaying goods other than those on their original application form may be asked to remove them immediately.




  • All vendors must be set up by the advertised start time. Access times will be confirmed nearer the festival date.

  • You are not to clear away until the advertised finishing time.

  • All vendors are to set up in an attractive manner. 

  • Boxes etc. to be stored out of sight.

  • Rubbish must be removed when you leave the site.

  • You are able to bring your own generator. If you need power, please let us know.




Street Food Vendors: The cost to pitch is £150 for the whole weekend, which is payable prior to the festival. Bear in mind we have a limited number of pitches covering a large number of people. The agreed revenue is 20% of all items sold provided during the festival.

Goods or Services Traders: We are offering pitches for a £150 deposit. This will be fully refunded after the festival has ended and once the agreed revenue has been tranferred to Statfold Barn Festival. The agreed revenue is 20% of all items sold or services provided during the festival.

Any questions please contact us hello@statfoldbarnfestival.co.uk





  • Cancellations will be accepted up to ONE calendar month before the date of the festival but you will forfeit a £50 deposit.

  • Any booking cancelled at less than ONE month’s notice before the festival, for whatever reason, will forfeit the total booking fee.

  • Cancellations may be advised by phone but must be confirmed in writing.

  • If you are not going to attend a booking that you have made you must let us know as soon as possible.

  • Once you have notified us of a cancellation in writing we will confirm the cancellation back to you in writing.

  • If you do not receive an acknowledgement of cancellation from us you should telephone us to check that we have received your written cancellation.




  • The Event Organisers will do everything in our power to ensure that you have a successful festival but cannot be held responsible for damage or theft of your stock, interruption of power or services, failure of press advertisements to appear, inclement weather, astrological incompatibility or anything else beyond their control.

  • The event organiser does not provide insurance cover for theft or damage to your stock and recommends that you adequately insure yourself against all risks.

  • It is a condition of booking that you understand and accept that you cannot hold Statfold Barn Festival responsible for any losses you sustain.

  • If in the reasonable opinion of Statfold Barn Festival it is necessary to cancel an event because of prevailing weather conditions or any other reason, no refund of booking fee or any other payment will be forthcoming. 

Any questions? hello@statfoldbarnfestival.co.uk

Statfold Barn Festival 2020